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After coming through her little door from Faerieland, Mary learned how to magic-herself-big to stop the humans squashing her flat, and now she's 8 feet tall! She's always looking forward to her next visit... even though she knows some people are scared of magic and prefer to believe she's only on stilts...


Mary Faerie got her wings and fluffy bits involved with creative community arts in Cumbria, England, in 1992 and has entertained many wide eyed, happy faerie fans, with wishes and sparkly magic, in a professional manner, since 2004, from Kent to Dumbartonshire. She regularly appears all over the North of England and Southern Scotland.... but is happy to travel anywhere that magic is needed!


Being a big fan of dressing up and playing a part, Mary has created many other characters too whom she is thrilled to perform whilst paying a call to Humanland.


Loving to share her adventures Mary Faerie has invited many of her magical friends to join her on her outings and together they're always sure to make any event as fabulous as they possibly can... you only have to ask! You might want stilt-walkers, musicians, fire performers, jugglers, living statues, crazy science shows, puppetry, clowns, art or circus workshops... you name it!


Mary Faerie is passionate about walking tall and runs stilt walking workshops for small groups. She says,  "the positive effects on confidence and the awakening to the power of self belief can be awe inspiring".


Mary Faerie never stopped doing community arts and continues to take commissions and create installations of any nature, with large scale decor her special favourite.


Finding the honourable traditions of Humanland intriguing Mary became a member of Equity and keeps up to date with all the fashionable safety stuff.... so rest assured; she and her friends are deeply proud of their arts and take your safety as seriously as your fun.

....The Magical Mary Story

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